Bayshore Marathon  26 May 2001

The starting Line

Light rain as we started dampened everything but our spirits.

Shawn gets a picture with Steve before Steve leaves us in the dust.

Yitah enroute to his first marathon finish

Running with old friends and new.

Don & Janice

Janice, Don, Janet, Don

If I got Janice and Janet mixed up, would someone please let me know. (Thanks Janice.)

Shawn & Rich

Clever camera-work Shawn,
 but on my side of the sign it only says Mile 9

Rich did this race as a warmup for a 50 mile bike ride later in the day.

I think Kim just swallowed a bug.

OK, all better now.

I hear these girls stopped back at the Frog on the way home.

"Bob--get a hold of yourself"

"So, why's he looking over there when there's
some major babe-action running right beside him?"

Why was it I like running these things again?

Rich is having fun at 14 miles

Steve at 13.5.  Yes, he's wearing 3 watches
One for pace, one for time, one for heart rate
On his ankles, he has an altimeter, a barometer
and a tachometer

With the out-and-back, we get to see everybody on the course.

We we ran out of film at 13 and decided to go back for more.

and the adventure continues....