Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dick's Sporting Goods

So, we're heading into Dick's Sporting Goods last week, and Carly is in the back seat, remembering another trip we did to the other Dick's Sporting Goods in the Rivertown Crossings mall a while back--you know, the really big two story one.

"Mom, you know how some Dick's are bigger than others..." is the way her story started out.

We don't know what she said after that, because we were way too busy trying to keep from cracking up in the front seat.


Blogger J'me' said...

That's funny stuff! I remember I was at work about 4 years ago and I wanted to check out something on Dick's website so I entered www.dick's.com and you could imagine what pulled up. I didn't even think really. My face turned so red and everyone made fun of me for quite awhile! You'd think they could have came up with a better sporting good's store name. Oh well it's all fun anyways!

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